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Tips to be kept in mind while moving to a new home

Are you on the search for moving companies in Dubai?

Moving to a new home always demands some serious thinking to be done. Moving across countries need more planning than moving within the country. As there are many expenses to be taken care of while moving, creating a spreadsheet list of all your expected moving costs keeps you on track on everything you spend your money on. There will be expenses incurred during the moving out period and after settling in the new environment. Time spent on planning and working out the plan will undoubtedly save time and money in the long run. Definitely, the right choice of packers and movers in dubai makes a significant impact.

Some of our tips on how you can hack away your relocation blues:

  • Do your homework of making a checklist and checking for a reliable Dubai mover at least 2 months in advance.
  • Hire moving services in Dubai, after making a comparative study of the similar rates and prices in the market.
  • If you are a person who moves frequently, it’s best if you have minimum belongings.
  • The final utility bills of your old home should be accommodated in your spreadsheet list.
  • Repair and maintenance charges that are likely to be charged by the owners to be kept in mind.
  • Call your utility providers to set up water, power, gas, television and internet for your new place.
  • Distance involved in transporting your household items is important especially if you are moving to another country. Look out for economical international movers who will ensure your goods reach in one piece.
  • Remember, extra boxes mean extra expense charged by the removals company.
  • You can definitely cut short your expenses by prioritizing on what you need to take along with you and what you can discard or push off as unimportant.
  • Selling off your unwanted items to interested parties will definitely put an ease on your pocket.
  • Number your boxes so that you have track of what goes out of your home.
  • Labelling your boxes aptly, helps in easy identification to the relevant rooms at your new place.
  • Notify your new address with the Post office at least two weeks before you move out.
  • Make a list of everyone who should know your new address and send out letters to them letting them know of your new plan.
  • Keep your bank informed of your new place of stay so that you will not miss out on those important bank papers and statements.
  • Frame a plan to move out during the off – season. This will ensure that you will be awarded with a cheaper and economical bill by the movers and packers.
  • If you are moving to an international destination, it is good to remember that the airfare and hotel rates will be on the higher side during the summer months and many of the amenities will be overcrowded with the seasonal visitors leaving you no chances for a peaceful house shifting process.
  • Expenses in the new home cannot be overlooked.
  • Your budget list must definitely keep in mind the rent of the new place, the possible charges for the utilities and also parking fees and other services that you may have to pay for.
  • Always keep your budget with an extra amount as reservoir in case you meet up with some unexpected bills.

Careful organisation and forward planning can minimise your stress while moving homes. Relocating is now a piece of cake. Visit us: